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Nov 19

do you twitter?

Do you Twitter?  Now you can tweet your interactions on KEXPlorer to your twitter account.  I’ve started posting mine here.  It’ll be interesting to see who uses it and or finds KEXPlorer via twitter.

To set yourself up, hit the account edit page and you’ll see new fields for your twitter name and password.

And speaking of twitter, it’s now super easy to find out when a band/album/song has been played on KEXP.  Heck, if you’re clever enough, you can even get an SMS notification every time it happens.

So let’s say you are a fan of The Moondoggies.  Head over to and search for KEXP Moondoggies.

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Oct 06

It’s about time…

for a blog!  I’ve been making changes to the site and have needed a way to message the changes to you, the users, so here it is.

The news you can use for today is that if you edit your profile and provide a valid Zipcode, it will show up under your name on the listen page as well as on your profile page.  It’s cool to see how diverse the locations of the regular users are.

Anyway, it’s time to pay the piper for all the good music you are getting from KEXP.  Head over to and become a paying member or  re-up if you’re already a member.


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